Rivers of Living Water Christian Fellowship

"So where the river flows everything will live." Ezekiel 47:9



Hello, my name is Pastor Rhoda Huxstable.  I currently reside in the Atlanta, GA area, where I am Senior Pastor of Rivers of Living Water Christian Fellowship. “..where the river flows everything will live.” Ezekiel 47:9.  Please allow me to share how Jehovah turned my mourning into dancing; removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy according to Psalm 30:11.  Now, I have received beauty for Ashes.

I vividly remember my uncle molested me. One incident sticks in my mind how I woke up and he was laying in the bed with me and I had on no clothes.  With my heart racing a million miles; desperately to find my clothes.  Afraid to say anything, I blamed myself “ maybe I shouldn’t have sat on his lap when he asked”.  On that summer day apart of that 8 year old hide in a dark place.  That began a journey of me institutionalizing myself within myself.  Opening up the door to demons to anger, resentment, low self esteem, rage, a spirit of whoredoms, lying ect..

As time progressed so did the spirit of lust, rejection, lying, and manipulation.  I found myself a looking for love in guys that I know didn’t have my best interest at heart.  Sleeping with guys just because they said things that I wanted to hear, only to have them reject me afterwards. At that point in life any attention was better than none.

Now at 17, I am pregnant and married to a guy who didn’t love me nor I him.  After 13 years and 3 children, a marriage where my husband slept with my 1st cousin, fighting and adultery reigned (both parties) finally ends in divorce.  Another part of me goes into the dark place.

In another relationship that only ends with a trip to the local psychiatrist.  Depression and oppression had taken over me now I had to send my babies away to family.  Labeled as Psychotic Depressed I cried desperately for God to save me.

Once again here is another man, who I marry.  Only to experience lying and cheating once again.  Now, at this point I was taking a stand for my sanity. When he came home from staying out all night, I lost sense of me.  Now, behind bars facing a six (6) year felony strike for intentionally inflicting corporal injury to spouse.  I cried out to my God, I am saved, how did I get here.  God replied “whom you yield your members to that whom servant you are”.  I came back to myself and started ministering in jail.  My sentence was reduced to a misdemeanor, 6 months house arrest, anger management and fines.

Finally, here I am today a Woman of God who no longer hide within me but hide under God’s shadow. I no longer fight man but the devil. I found out that I am the apple of God’s eye and I love me.  All of what I went through was to help people that are in their silent cries.  Whom the Son set free is free indeed.  Receive your Beauty for Ashes today.